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New in SignSpace: Sympa HR -integration and an even easier signing process

Jan 21, 2021

This latest software update (v.1.8) makes sending and managing signing requests even easier. An updated signing request creation form, several editing options and new owner roles enhance your user experience and content management. Following users’ requests, we have also added a delegation feature.

What’s more, you can now easily integrate signing requests into the Sympa HR system thanks to our ready-to-go interface.

New features:

  • The new signing request form is clearer: all the advanced options are in a single menu.
  • You can now edit the signing request in several ways after sending it.
  • You can easily add a space owner either when creating a signing request or later on in the space settings. Both users and groups can be made space owners.
  • Owners have the authority to modify space settings, add or approve new members and edit incomplete signing requests created in the space.
  • When creating a new signing request, you can choose to allow delegation. The recipients of the signing request will then have the option of delegating the request to other people.
  • Content shared with a group can be filtered out from the main lists using Mute in the sidebar group-filter
  • The ready-to-go interface enables easy integration into the Sympa HR system.


Improvement and fixes:

  • Poll results are now arranged by votes in descending order.
  • The problem with changing company logos has been fixed.
  • Other, smaller improvements and fixes to the user interface.

We believe that these new features make it even easier for your company to manage its contracts. We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions for improvements, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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