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SignSpace improvements (v.1.8.5)

Sep 02, 2021
Updated 23.9. | New SignSpace software version  will be released on Monday  27th of September.  In this software version, we will have several improvements.

New features:
  • Legal signatories of organisations can authorise users to access all content that the organisation has saved on SignSpace.
  • You can define email settings for owners and other recipients separately on each signing request.
  • You can select your email settings according to your preferences.
  • Group owners can close groups, after which new spaces or chat messages cannot be shared to the group.
  • You can remove groups from the side bar filters.
  • New filters enable more versatile searches than before.
  • Automatic addition of groups to new signing requests simplifies content management (you can request our customer service to make this change to your account settings, free of charge).
Improvements and fixes:
  • Several improvements were made to the mobile user interface.
  • Bugs related to editing texts were fixed.
  • We have improved the usability of the space summary view.
  • Issues related to sending emails were fixed.
  • More detailed information on the signatories was added on the signing request.
These new features make it even easier for your company to manage its contracts. We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions for improvements. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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