Improve the sales process

Digital signatures make sales easier. Collaboration between parties is easier, and you can close deals quicker and ensure that your company’s sales processes are up-to-date. The customer experience is the most important value - SignSpace guarantees that its a premium experience!

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Close deals quickly

When you’re in the middle of a sale, easy signing is an indisputable asset. You can close the sale quickly by using a digital signing service. After the contract is ready, send it to the other party for signing. Your customer can sign immediately on a mobile or computer, and you will receive the confirmation without delay!

This improves the customer experience and boosts sales.

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Role-based access

You can create user groups with different levels of access. No need to grant access separately for each person; you can manage the right of access with practical user groups.


Offers and order confirmations

Send an offer, negotiate it with the client, make necessary changes. After the sale has been closed, you can send the contract through the SignSpace service for the customer to sign. This way both parties have a legally valid and securely archived confirmation of the order.


Strong identification

By using strong identification, you will know for sure who has signed the document. For advanced electronic signatures, users must identify themselves by using online banking login details or a mobile ID.


Archive signed documents

Signed documents will be archived in the service for a minimum of 10 years. No more time-consuming digging through dusty file cabinets. All contracts are in their right place and available for all parties.