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SignSpace helps you manage your company’s daily tasks, such as contract management and project coordination.

TIP: Using the SignSpace Key mobile app, you can sign anywhere, anytme.

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Manage daily tasks

The SignSpace service allows you to manage your company’s contracts and administrative routines easily, no matter where you are. The integrated task management and chat threads help with e.g. project management, making communication and paperwork related to contract negotiations easier.

All contracts signed with SignSpace will be available on the service for a minimum of 10 years - say good-bye to bulky file cabinets.

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Quick signing

Do you need a signature on a contract quickly? Digital signing guarantees that you can send the document to the recipient without delay and paperwork does not need to go through the mail. The recipient can sign the contract easily, for example, by using fingerprint identification.


Send messages and manage data

SignSpace allows you to easily send messages related to different projects or contracts between organizations or in private chats. It’s easier to keep your business under control when all correspondence is readily available.


Share files and manage tasks

Do you need input from a colleague for a project? SignSpace allows you to share files and create task requests for other team members. Send reminders to your colleague easily through the chat feature, so that they don’t forget to comment on a contract.