SignSpace signature verification

The signatures on any files signed with SignSpace can be verified by uploading them using this page. More than one document may be verified at once, but they need to uploaded all at once.

New verification
Drag and drop all files here or use the button to attach them


How to verify a PDF document

Select a PDF file from your computer and upload it to this page. If the PDF file was signed on SignSpace, it will have a signature page placed at the end of the PDF file - that information will be sufficient for validating the signatures.


How to verify a non-PDF document

If the non-PDF document was signed on SignSpace (for instance Word, PowerPoint, Excel, image or other type of file), it will have a separate signature page in a PDF format, which was generated at the time of signature. For validating the signatures of non-PDF documents you need to upload the non-PDF document and its PDF signature file.