Take contract management to the next level

Take advantage of the multi-functional contract management tool! In SignSpace you will find all the features you need for electronic signing, contract management,  follow-up and archiving. Thanks to the stakeholders ecosystem, technical flexibility and easy-to-use interface, you can adapt the use to the needs of your organisation.

Digital signing

Signatures made on SignSpace meet the requirements of the EU eIDAS Regulation and also comply with the general requirements for electronic signatures under US legislation. 

The electronic stamp of PDF documents ensures the immutability of the content of the agreement and the certificate ensures the legal force of the signatures well into the future. All electronic signatures made in the service are legally binding.

SignSpace is an approved signature service by Finnish banks.

* take into account industry-specific and state-specific restrictions

Collect legally binding signatures electronically


Signing contracts is possible with strong authentication in the Nordic countries using online banking credentials or mobile ID and using Smart ID in the Baltic countries.

Collecting legally binding signatures can also be done conveniently with email or SMS verification when there is no need for strong authentication, or it is not an option.

Sign contracts with light or strong authentication


Signing is easy on your mobile phone regardless of time or place. Registered users have access to all SignSpace features on mobile as well.

Sign and manage contracts on your phone


You can streamline signature process management by using guided workflows. Specify the signing order, allow for delegation of signatures to another person, or enable scheduled sending when contracts need to be sent for signing at a specific date and time.

Simplify the signature process with guided workflows


Automate the distribution of contracts to groups, receive reminders about contract expiration, schedule the sending of contracts for signature, or automatically remind signers.

Increase efficiency by automating contract management processes


You can send contracts for review before collecting signatures. Reviewer comments will be visible on the signature request for internal users.

With the review process, you can ensure that the contracts being signed are properly checked and internally approved.

Have contracts reviewed for accuracy before sending them for signature


The PDF commenting feature makes it easier to finalize contracts. Reviewers can write change suggestions and comments directly on the documents, based on which the signature request manager makes corrections to the original document and attaches the corrected version to the signature request, which is then sent for either signing or another review round.

Add comments directly to contract documents


Sometimes changes need to be made to contract texts even after someone has already signed. Not a problem - you just need to update the changed documents, and we will ensure that the signatures are collected from all signatories on the latest version of the contract.

Make changes to contract documents at any stage of the contracting process


You may add extra layers of protection to ensure that the contract and related communication will not be disclosed to any unwanted external parties. Content can be protected with strong authentication, or a code sent via email.

Improve security by protecting contract contents


You can use ready-made templates for signature requests for quick sending. Templates can be shared with other users, groups, or the entire organisation, and guide them on how to proceed according to your preferences.

By saving recurring texts, workflows, and other settings in reusable templates, you shorten the preparation time for signature requests and enable automation of creation processes for others in your organisation as well.

Speed up the creation of signature requests with ready-made templates


In addition to PDF files, you can send images, spreadsheets, videos, or other digital content for signature - as needed.

The total size of attached files can be up to 60 MB, and there is no limit on the number of files.

You can choose to combine separate pdf documents into a single document or organise these files in the desired order before sending them for signature.

Sign not only PDF documents but also other commonly used file formats


You can customise the appearance of the signing process to match your brand by changing the colors of links, buttons, and icons, and by adding your company logo.

Create a brand-specific user experience for signing


Instead of signing each contract individually, you can choose to sign multiple signature requests with one authentication.

Speed up the processing of contracts by signing multiple contracts at once


You can send contracts to selected group members for signing, allowing any member of the group to take on the task and sign. With the role-based signing feature, the collection of signatures does not have to depend on individual persons. Role-based workflow can also be used for reviews.

Reduce dependency on individuals by implementing role-based review and signing


Contract management

Clarity and user-friendliness throughout the contract lifecycle helps speed up tasks, reduce errors, and make contract management more enjoyable. Progress tracking can be done from a workstation or mobile phone, and contracts can be easily found with their metadata in SignSpace's contract archive or in the integrated information system you use.


The interface is designed to make contract tracking and processing easier. Even with a large number of contracts, you can effortlessly handle them by utilising versatile filters, metadata, and search features.

Stay up to date with the progress of contracts


SignSpace sends email notifications for events that require users' attention. Users can customise their email settings based on the needs of their organisation, groups, or personal preferences, depending on the situation.

Define email notifications for events that require users attention


Contract management becomes easier when you have the necessary discussions in the same service where signatures are collected. You can have discussions related to the contract with your contract partners, within your own organisation, or create a new ad hoc conversation between the necessary individuals.

Bring communication into the contract


SignSpace stores a detailed history log of the different stages of the signing workflow, such as which emails have been sent from the system, who has opened the contract document, or who has signed it.

Utilise the logs stored in the service when you need detailed information about events


You can create task lists directly in the conversations and easily track their progress from the Tasks view. Tasks help keep things organised and ensure that all contract-related matters get done.

Manage contract-related tasks



SignSpace stores signed agreements for ten years on your behalf, ensuring they are reliably archived and easily searchable.

Take advantage of free archiving of signed contracts


By utilising flexible access control structures, you can ensure that agreements are available to the necessary individuals when they are needed. You can classify agreements into groups or assign them to specific individuals, crossing organisational boundaries as needed. Sharing can be automated using metadata if necessary.

Ensure that agreements are accessible to those in need


Regardless of how agreements are created within your organisation's account, authorised administrators can be granted secure access to all of your organisation's agreements and their management through strong authentication.

Ensure that no agreement goes missing


Secure storage within the European Economic Area is ensured by using a centralised logging service, appropriate encryption methods, and role-based user management. The service undergoes continuous security testing. Files stored in the service and files downloaded from the service undergo automatic virus scanning. The service's management system complies with ISO 27001 requirements.

Securely store contracts


Metadata makes it easier to find contracts and allows for convenient automation of contract sharing with groups and sending of reminders.

Facilitate finding contracts through metadata


Using metadata, you can direct the archiving of contracts to your chosen document management system. You can choose from several ready-made integrations we offer or implement integration through the SignSpace REST API.

Automatically archive contracts to your chosen document management system


Risk management

On your behalf, we gather the contractor liability information required by law on suppliers. You can download and read Reliable Partner reports in electronic format directly on the SignSpace service and save them for future reference.

By displaying the Reliable Partner interpretation of Finnish companies in the service, you can reduce the risks associated with the contracting partners used by your organisation. This feature is under development and available Q2/2024.

Electronic polls

In SignSpace service, you can conduct a poll remotely. The user-friendly voting functionality is suitable for various types of voting

You can add a cover message and files to the voting invitation for participants to review before voting. You can track the progress of the voting in real-time on the platform. We enable open, restricted, and closed voting, depending on your needs.

The voting functionality has been designed in collaboration with legal experts from the Finnish Real Estate Federation and is particularly suitable for the voting needs of housing corporations. You can prepare the voting in advance as an editable draft. You can list eligible voters, define the number of votes, and add authorisations if needed. The data can be imported from a file, making it easy to organise larger votings. When the voting starts, everything is prepared in advance, allowing you to focus on the voting itself.

Integrate electronic signature into your own systems.

Integrating electronic signature into your own systems provides your company with the ability to manage contracts within the environments where you're accustomed to working. It's specifically designed to function through API integration, ensuring that all features of the tool can be utilised by our customers and partners.

We offer ready-made integration solutions for various Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Resources, and Enterprise Content Management systems. This integration capability enhances contract management efficiency and keeps it integrated within your established business environment.

Enhance contract management with the help of our expert.

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