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Save time usually spent on handling papers for other human resource tasks with SignSpace. The  service helps you to easily manage all documents and contracts.

TIP: Employees can sign their contracts of employment using SignSpace

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Less paperwork!

The SignSpace service helps you to easily sign and manage all documents and contracts related to human resources. Thanks to SignSpace, work contracts and other documents move quickly between recipients. After signing, they are saved in the archives without manual processing.

When there is no need to scan, print, negotiate, email back-and-forth or run the papers across the office, you save a lot of money and time. This leaves more time for other HR tasks, such as looking for topnotch talent or taking care of the well-being of your staff.

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Sign quickly

Signing work contracts is quick and easy when the parties don’t need to be in the same space and the contracts don’t need to be scanned and sent back and forth through email. In addition, you can also sign agreements when on family leave, as well as part-time and remote work contracts.


Manage documents

‘Where did we save Tracy’s work contract and where’s the attachment that we added to it?’ No more documents getting lost in mixed files! SignSpace helps you save all related documents in the same place, which makes them easy to find whenever they are needed.


Archive without worries

SignSpace automatically archives all signed documents for ten years in encrypted form on servers with the ISO 27001 certificate located in the European Economic Area. All contracting parties have access to the signed document and its attachments in the archives, when they need it.