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Remote work made easier

Manage collaboration easily with SignSpace. In addition to digital signing, the service has extensive tools for managing collaboration regardless of place and time.

SignSpace tackles

digital signing
secure communication
digital polls
task management
sharing tasks
and sharing and reviewing contracts.

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These companies trust SignSpace

We started using the SignSpace service when we shifted completely to remote working due to the coronavirus pandemic in March. We have benefitted from the digital signing of decisions and contracts in the current exceptional circumstances, but there will certainly also be benefits in the future when the use expands. Getting started with the service was simple and has gone smoothly. The simultaneous digital signing and archiving of decisions and contracts have made the processing of matters and our case management more efficient.

Mikko Koiranen

National Audit Office of Finland

In SignSpace, all comments on contracts are gathered together, and approving them is significantly more efficient than before. As a bonus, the signed contract is available for all parties and archived digitally.

We have also expanded the use of SignSpace for non-disclosure agreements that we sign with our partners. In addition, we started using it with staff members to get absences approved and to archive performance reviews and driving logs.

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Alexander Kozlov

IT expert

Sähköinfo’s electronic forms were integrated with SignSpace. Our customers have requested the possibility to sign our forms digitally, and SignSpace provided us with the solution we needed. Digital signing is included in our customers’ monthly service fee.

We will continue using SignSpace and also make it a part of our contract management. We are actively looking for other possibilities for collaboration.

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Satu Vallden

Service manager
Sähköinfo Oy



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