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SignSpace also provides tools for electronic voting.

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SignSpace is designed to streamline contract processes. It offers effortless processing of contract reviews, electronic signing, and automatically archives the signed documents. This ease-of-use tool can also be integrated into various systems, seamlessly becoming a part of your work environment.

Try SignSpace and simplify your own, your team's, and your contract partners' lives.



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Integrate electronic signature into your own systems.

Integrating electronic signature into your own systems provides your company with the ability to manage contracts within the environments where you're accustomed to working. It's specifically designed to function through API integration, ensuring that all features of the tool can be utilised by our customers and partners.

We offer ready-made integration solutions for various Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Resources, and Enterprise Content Management systems. This integration capability enhances contract management efficiency and keeps it integrated within your established business environment.

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In SignSpace, all comments on contracts are gathered together, and approving them is significantly more efficient than before. As a bonus, the signed contract is available for all parties and archived digitally.

We have also expanded the use of SignSpace for non-disclosure agreements that we sign with our partners. In addition, we started using it with staff members to get absences approved and to archive performance reviews and driving logs.

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Alexander Kozlov

IT expert

Sähköinfo’s electronic forms were integrated with SignSpace. Our customers have requested the possibility to sign our forms digitally, and SignSpace provided us with the solution we needed. Digital signing is included in our customers’ monthly service fee.

We will continue using SignSpace and also make it a part of our contract management. We are actively looking for other possibilities for collaboration.

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Satu Vallden

Service manager
Sähköinfo Oy

The commencement of the SignSpace service was easy, as we were able to set up the system quickly for production use with the tips provided by the customer service. The electronic signing tool has sped up the circulation of documents that are to be signed and, for its part, enabled remote operations. Light and strong authentication are excellently suited to various signing needs.



Pia Visko

Administrative Manager
RIL - Finnish Association of Civil Engineers