Start using digital signing and voting in your housing company

Digital signing will make the operations of the housing company more efficient. It enables a quick signing process that is not tied to a specific place or time. It is also a more ecological and cost-efficient way to sign documents.

TIP: Now you can also carry out voting in your housing company digitally using the service

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Digital signing for housing companies

SignSpace is a Finnish digital signing service that can be used by housing companies not only for signing contracts, but also for voting, archiving of contracts, and task management.

Examples of documents that can be signed digitally in housing companies include:

  • minutes of the housing company’s board meetings
  • financial statements
  • housing manager’s certificates
  • maintenance contracts.

Signed files and contracts and voting results are archived on the housing company’s own account for a minimum of 10 years without extra cost, which makes changing the housing manager easy, where required.

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NEW! Vote digitally

The SignSpace service now also includes the option to carry out voting digitally. You can add the information or files into the voting request that the participants must read first before they can vote and monitor the progress of the voting in real time in the service. The voting is easy to modify in the service and you can, for example, specify the voters who represent someone else or who can give more than one vote.


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Organise voting digitally

Complete voting digitally, easily, and quickly in your housing company. Given votes are signed digitally by using light authentication.



Follow signatures easily

When minutes have been sent to the chair, secretary, or the auditor of the minutes, for example, you will be able to easily monitor the progress of the signing process.



Safe and legally valid

A digital signature is as legally valid as a signature written on paper with a pen. It must be possible to verify the signatures and the constancy of the files afterwards.


Save time, the environment, and money

The expenses and environmental impacts related to posting, printing, and scanning are eliminated completely.