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Enhanced cooperation – communicate and sign through the SignSpace service

Mar 23, 2021

Enhanced cooperation – communicate and sign through the SignSpace service

As the popularity of remote working increases, projects are, to an increasing extent, implemented by using a remote connection. Various different systems are used for communication: e.g. Slack for messaging, Teams for video calls, and email for sharing documents. The use of different systems poses practical challenges, such as lost emails or discussions. In addition, the sharing of documents or e.g. contact details via email is not the most data secure solution.

A one-stop approach to contract management

To enable smooth and efficient working, all communication and cooperation should be completed by using a single tool. This enables the parties of the project to remain better involved in the cooperation and enhances the efficiency of working. Centralisation saves time and money. No separate emails or other communication is needed to share documents, as everything can be completed by using a one-stop solution. Easy, no?

The SignSpace service is suited to managing all communication and document management related to projects. You can establish a separate group for your project, where the parties can discuss, distribute tasks, and send documents. You can also send signature requests to project parties. The SignSpace service is a reliable and secure solution that operates across organisational boundaries without restrictions. Signed documents are automatically archived for ten years and can be sent in a secure manner in the service. All contents archived in the service are encrypted and stored on servers located in the European Economic Area in an ISO 27001 certified environment.

Data secure document management and signing

Managing and signing documents is secure in the SignSpace service. The sender of the signature request can, for example, require that the email address of the signatory has been verified or that the identity of the signatory has been strongly authenticated. An owner can be specified for each workspace created in the service, who will make decisions regarding the user rights of the workspace.

In the SignSpace service, documents can be signed digitally easily through email and a PIN code. Alternatively, it can be required that the identity of the user be strongly authenticated or that advanced digital signing be used. Advanced digital signing, where the signing is done by means of a personal digital certificate saved on the user’s mobile device, is suited to even the most demanding applications.

Digital signing for all needs

Various user authentication levels and two digital signing levels ensure that the best authentication level can be chosen for each signature. When the documents to be signed are related to established cooperation (inspection minutes, memorandums, change requests, etc.) between parties that are already familiar with each other, light authentication of the signatory by means of an email address and a PIN code is often sufficient.

Similarly, it is best to sign a document that will have great financial significance even after several years by using advanced digital signing, where the signatory is authenticated reliably and the signature is made by using a personal digital signing certificate of the signatory. This enables the identity of the signatory, as well as the originality and integrity of the signature, the signed document, and related annexes that have been signed at the same time to be verified reliably later.

Sign documents in seconds by using the SignSpace Key application

Users can sign documents with an advanced digital signature by using the free SignSpace Key mobile application. The use of the SignSpace Key mobile application speeds up the signing process, because it enables the signatory to accept his or her signature by using a biometric ID, such as a fingerprint or an entry code, saved on his or her mobile device. This enables e.g. a person who signs large volumes of documents to do the signing when- and wherever. Studies show that signing with a fingerprint reduces the time used for signing.

Take your projects onto the next level and start using SignSpace in your company!

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