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Why choose SignSpace?

May 04, 2021

Why choose signspace

Finland is at the threshold of a digital reform and is badly in need of tools that enable companies to shift to using electronic solutions. Digital signing, for example, is as yet relatively little used. We developed the SignSpace service for this need.

SignSpace is a digital signing service that enables, in addition to digital signing, also secure communication, task management, sharing of task requests, reviewing and sharing of contracts, and archiving of documents and discussions. In the service, companies can share, accept, and manage digital contents of their choice in a secure manner.

How does SignSpace work?

Creating a signature request by using the SignSpace service is easy. The sender of the signature request encloses, with the message, the document that is to be signed and sends the request quickly to all persons who need to sign it.

The recipient of the signature request will receive, to his or her email address, an invitation to sign, which enables him or her to sign the document easily e.g. by using a mobile phone locking code. After signing, the signed document will be archived in the service and both the signed document and the related discussion can be found in the service later.

Signature requests, messages, and task requests can be sent easily to all cooperation partners, regardless of whether or not they have used the service previously. Several documents can be signed in the SignSpace service. No registration is needed for the signing, but the user can create an account for the service if he or she so wishes.

Signing the document without registration is always offered to unregistered users as the primary option. A person who has received an email invitation to sign does not need to pay for the signing or for using the standard features of the service. The developer-friendly application interface enables the integration of SignSpace with the company’s other information systems.

What are the benefits of the SignSpace service?

The use of a digital solution reduces the need to scan, save, archive, and post printed documents. The digitalisation of signing and task flows speeds up the processes, when the recipient can review and sign the documents immediately. This saves time and money.

SignSpace enables secure sharing, storing, and shared use of information. Digital signing and electronic task flows are more secure and reliable than email or signatures written on paper with a pen. Electronic workflow reduces errors typical of manual work and ensures the integrity of the files and the identity of the signatories.

Data security is enhanced by the reduced risk of an unauthorised access to the documents. A digital signature is as legally valid as a traditional signature written on paper with a pen. The regulation applied to digital signing has been harmonised in the EU and digital signatures are trusted by all member states. The validity of digital signatures is in the EU regulated in the eIDAS regulation (910/2014).

All contracts, documents, task requests, and related discussions are saved in the system automatically, and no separate contract archive is needed. The volume of printed documents and the space required for archives are reduced. The service enables adding tags to the contents and sharing them with user groups to make the necessary information easier to find later. All discussions and documentation related to the matter at hand are also easy to find in the service.

Sometimes companies need to send electronically confidential information that cannot be sent via email, such as personal data. The SignSpace service can also be used for secure communications, because personal data is saved on servers located within the European Economic Area.

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