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Five reasons to use digital signing

Oct 07, 2020

Have you ever wondered how much time the signing processes of contracts and other documents take? How expensive has the handling and archiving of contracts become for your company? How much does the printing and sending of documents back and forth burden the environment? Has it occurred to you that a printed document can easily end up in the wrong hands?

viisi_syyta_digitalisoida_allekirjoittaminenIn many companies, the printing and signing of contracts by hand is still a normal practice. The shift to using digital solutions may sound laborious, but the handling and archiving of contracts made on paper is, even at its simplest, time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient.

Why is digital signing a better solution?

  1. Efficiency and saving of time. The use of an electronic solution reduces the need to print, scan, archive, and post documents. The signing process becomes quicker when everything can be done electronically, in addition to which the recipient can inspect the document to be signed immediately and return it without delay.
  2. The data security of digital signing is of a higher standard. A digital signature is more secure and trustworthy than a signature on paper. Errors typical of manual work are reduced when things are done electronically. The integrity of the material and the identity of the signatory can also be verified. Data security is enhanced by the reduced risk of the documents ending up in the wrong hands.
  3. The contract archive enables easier archiving. All contracts and related discussions are saved in the system used and no separate contract archive is needed in an external system. All documentation related to the matter at hand are also easy to find in the electronic service. The volume of printed documents and the space required for archives are reduced.
  4. The ease of use of the digital signature. The digital signing process can be integrated with the company’s document management systems, as well as customer management, HR, and ERP systems, enabling the digitalisation of all contract handling and management. Digital signing is not bound to a physical location, as it can be completed anywhere.
  5. Good for the environment. In addition to being easy, digital signing is also ecological. The digitalisation of signing processes reduces the use of printed documents. This also reduces the environmental burden, as printed documents no longer need to be transported from place to place.

Can you think of any other reasons to use digital signing? Leave a comment!

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