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SignSpace General Terms of Service will be amended on 10 February 2021

Feb 10, 2021
SignSpace General Terms of Service will be amended on 10 February 2021. Amended terms will be effective in respect of existing customers 30 days after this notice on 10 March 2021, if the customer has no accepted the amended terms before that in the user interface of the SignSpace service. SignSpace service’s Privacy notice has been amended at the same (updated list of personal data being processed by Platform of Trust Oy as the controller).

Key changes in the General Terms of the Service compared to earlier versions:

Version 10 February 2021 compared to the version 27 August 2020:

  • added new section 4.4 concerning Trusted Admin functionality that is currently under development. Using this functionality a customer organization can grant organization wide Trusted Admin user rights to a named user. Trusted Admin user rights allow the user to access all documents signed through the Organisation Account and access all materials except chat messages that are processed, created or shared under the Organisation Account including messages, tasks, files and other customer materials.

Version 27 August 2020 compared to the version 28 August 2019:

  • General Terms of Service document’s structure is updated to be similar to Platform of Trust Oy’s other service’s General Terms of Service documents
  • Sections 5.8-5.9 concerning changes in the service have been updated
  • Section 8 containing Acceptable Use Policy has been updated
  • Sections 9.1 (changes in subscription types) and 9.4 (price changes) have been updated so that the supplier will notify the changes to the customer 30 days in advance before the effective date of the change and the customer has always the right to terminate the agreement on the effective date of the change
  • added new Section 11 concerning IPR indemnification
  • clarified Section 13.7 concerning the process how customer data will be returned or deleted upon termination or expiry of the agreement
  • added new Section 14 Confidentiality that contains mutual confidentiality obligations
  • added new Sections 17.1 and 19.4-19.5 that apply to consumer agreements
  • Section 19.2 contains changed dispute resolution process: arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the Finland Chamber of Commerce. The number of arbitrators shall be one. The seat of arbitration shall be Helsinki, Finland.
  • attached Data Processing Agreement has been updated to a structure that is similar to Platform of Trust Oy’s other service’s Data Processing Agreement (no material changes in the contents)

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