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New SignSpace software version 2.0 was released on Tuesday 23rd of May, 2023.

May 26, 2023

New features and improvements

  • Templates allow you to streamline the process of creating signature requests and save time by
    eliminating repetitive work steps. Shared templates among individual users, groups, or the entire
    organisation help align practices.
  • You can send contracts to a review round before collecting signatures. The reviewers' comments
    are visible to internal users.
  • Signing workflows have been improved and their management is clearer thanks to the toolbar we
  • You can have general, internal and limited conversations related to signature requests.
  • You can make sure that the tasks related to the agreement process will be completed by adding
    tasks to the discussions about contracts.
  • Member management has been clarified with a summary view, from which it is easy to add and
    remove users and change their access rights.
  • The appearance of the signature request form has been improved and the security settings can
    now be found directly on the form.
  • If you want, you can enable a real-time discussion of the contract with the signatories.
  • Reviewers can write change proposals and comments directly in the documents.
  • You can make changes to the contract documents at any stage. Those persons who have already
    signed are asked to sign the changed files again.
  • Agreements that are no longer valid can be marked as invalid via the user interface. The marking is
    only cosmetic and has no legal effect on the contract.
  • Metadata entry has been brought to the main view of signature requests (Information sidebar) to
    make entry / editing faster and clearer.
  • The renewed conversations feature replaces the chat functionality and enables more versatile
  • Registered users can sign directly from the email invitation link, without the need to sign in to the
    SignSpace service. Note! The use of the SignSpace Key application will continue to require logging
    into the service.
  • In connection with the service reform, we have fixed several bugs.


  • Signature requests and spaces that were created in the service before the release of version 2.0
    work according to the previous version.

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