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SignSpace new features and improvements (v.1.8.8)

Apr 12, 2023

We will release version 1.8.8 of the Signspace service on Thursday 13th April 2023

This update does not affect the use of the service.

The signatures of documents signed in the SignSpace service are now even more reliable and validation is easier.

With the software update (v.1.8.8) to be published on Thursday 13th of April, we will introduce the PAdES signature functionality. The current XAdES signature technology is complemented by stamping the signed content of the PDF document and the signature page formed on the basis of identification events related to the signature with the SignSpace service's own electronic stamp, which is based on the AATL (Adobe Approved Trust List Member) certificate issued by the Globalsign certifier.

No changes have been made to the current XAdES signature technology. Documents will also be signed in the future in accordance with the practices of the XAdES standard.

The purpose of the functionality is to make it possible to demonstrate the originality and integrity of the document more easily than current practices. In the future, the signature of a PDF document can be verified directly in the Adobe Acrobat Reader application well into the future.



From now on, we will print the signature information at the bottom of each signed PDF page. This is especially necessary in those cases when electronically signed files are printed in paper archives.


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