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SignSpace improvements (v.1.8.7)

Jun 09, 2022

We published the new SignSpace version 1.8.7 on Wednesday 8 June 2022.

New features

  • The search results of the home view will be displayed, divided into groups.

  • If a signature cannot be collected from all invited signatories and you wish to have the document signed with the already collected signatures, you can change the status of the signing request as completed.

  • The order of the files to be signed can be changed by dragging and dropping either on the signing request form or later in the file preview.

  • The name of individual files or the title of a set of files can now be modified.

  • The width of the columns of the user interface can be changed by dragging.

  • Changes requested by banks have been made to the information displayed on the signing page.

Correcting errors

  • An error situation occasionally caused by strong authentication during the signing process has been fixed.

  • A name consisting of only one word can now be entered into the “person entitled to vote” field.

  • In signing requests made through an interface, the name of the organisation is no longer displayed on the verification of signature based on the account of the recipient. Where required, the organisation of the contracting party can be specified by using API.

  • An email notification will be sent to the owner of the group of all access right requests within the group.

  • We have improved the performance of the user interface.

  • The organisation logo can now be removed.

  • We have improved the presentation of logos on email invitations.

These new features will make the contract management of your company even easier. We appreciate all feedback and improvement suggestions, so do not hesitate to be in contact!

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