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Change information shown on the signature page and other improvements to the service

Jul 08, 2021

New SignSpace software version 1.8.4

The new version allows you to determine the information that will be shown on each contracting party on the signature page (e.g. organisation names and signatories' titles) in the signing request. Admins can assign rights to create groups and signing requests and to sign.

New features:

  • In the signatory data, you can add organisations found in the Finnish Trade Register as contract partners, or other than Finnish organisation names in the free text field.
  • It is now possible to add the signatories' titles.
  • Admins can assign the rights needed for creating groups and signing requests and for signing to each user separately.

Improvement and fixes:

  • Space ownership is shown with an icon in the user interface.
  • You can add organisation names in English, Finnish and Swedish. The name is shown in the signature workflow and on the signature page in the language set in the signing request.
  • Files attached to a message are shown in the same preview.
  • The signatories' email addresses are only shown on the signature page when using the light level of authentication based on email address verification.
  • The bug related to the free text search in the Home view has been fixed.

Changes to settings:

  • When creating new signing requests, delegation is off by default.

Many thanks to our customers for your feedback and suggestions for improvements! If you have any suggestions or requests regarding our service, feel free to get in touch with us.

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